Wisconsin (#WI | 10 points)



1. Create a voter guide (text or video) that explains the following to voters in your community:

  • Who is eligible to vote
  • How people can register to vote (where/when/what information they must bring) or check if they already are
  • How people can vote (where/when/any information they must bring with them)
  • Why people should bother

NOTE: Laws that govern voting and voter registration vary GREATLY from state to state. Be sure the information you are sharing is accurate for your home state – and don’t forget to cite your sources in the guide itself!

2. Once your guide is complete, share on your own accounts using the hashtag #WI.

3. Tag at least 3 organizations and/or media outlets in your community (including your school if possible) and ask them to share your guide on their websites and social media accounts as well.

4. Tag at least 5 times as many friends as you have people on your team and ask them to reshare as well.

Helpful tools and resources:


Link to finished guide + tags


Tweet or Instagram about this challenge (include your hashtag, #WI, and #changethestory)

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