Washington (#WA | 12 points)

CHALLENGE TYPE: Candidates; Issues; Just for Fun; Media


1. Using only food and no more than 3 types of office supplies, create a 30-90 second stop-motion animation ad in support of a candidate or issue of your choice.

2. Tweet/post a link to your ad using the hashtag #WA.

3. Then add three comments that answer:

  • What title would you give this ad?
  • Who is the target audience for this ad?
  • What message are you trying to get across to this audience?

4. Tag at least 12 people you know to make sure your ad earns at least 5 shares and 20 views.

5. Tag other groups that support your position on this issue (for example, if your ad was about the environment you might tag the Sierra Club) and ask them to retweet/share your ad.  If you think a candidate needs to see your ad, tag that candidate in your post, tag them too!

Helpful tools and resources:


Stop Motion Animation Ad


Tweet or Instagram about this challenge (include your hashtag, #WA, and #changethestory)

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