Tennessee (#TN | 11 points)



1. In the days leading up to a debate, pair up with another team that is participating in this contest AND is made up of people you do not know.

2. Arrange a method of communication between your teams. (i.e. email or gchat (text), googlehangout/facetime (video), or livetweeting using a unique hashtag of your choice).

3. Before the debate, interview each other team to find:

  • 3 things that your teams/communities/schools have in common (i.e. issue areas you care about, candidates you support, favorite pizza toppings, etc.)
  • 3 ways in which you are different

4. During the debate, have each team complete the Debate Rubric (found below) to rate how well each candidate performs in 5 areas.

5. Compare your teams’ scores with those of the other team and find at least two areas where you gave similar scores and two areas where you disagreed.

6. Finally, create two venn diagrams (one created by each team)

  • one that shows how your teams are similar/different and
  • one that shows how your teams’ evaluation of the debate/candidates were similar/different.

7. Share both venn diagrams using the hashtag #TN and the hashtags for both your team and the one you paired up with.

Helpful tools and resources:


2 Venn diagrams (1 posted by each team)


Tweet or Instagram about this challenge (include your hashtag, #TN, and #changethestory)

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