North Carolina (#NC | 15 points)

CHALLENGE TYPE: Campaigning; Candidates; Media


Imagine that the Communications Director for a candidate of your choice has just hired your team as advisors. Your job is to come up with a convincing campaign strategy for how this candidate can appeal to voters in your home state (and/or your community in particular).

1. Research the demographics of your community.

  • For example: if you live in Illinois you could google ‘Illinois demographics’ to learn more about what groups of voters this candidate would need to target to win. Young people? People in a particular religious/ethnic group? People who work in a certain field?

2. Pick one of these groups and design a pitch for a campaign strategy that includes the following info:

  • Who is the target audience?
  • What are the priorities/interests/concerns of this target audience? NOTE: Be careful not to rely on stereotypes to answer this question. If your team is not a part of the target audience you choose, try to interview a few members of that community to learn what issues they care about instead of relying on assumptions.
  • What about your chosen candidate would appeal to this target audience?
  • What message should s/he send to this community?
  • What forms of media should s/he use to get this message out to this intended audience and why?

3. Record 1+ teammates presenting your pitch and tweet or post a link to the presentation using the hashtag #NC.

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