New York (#NY | 29 points)



1. Organize an Early Voting Event (with at least 15 voters) OR GOTV rally (with at least at 30 attendees) for students at your school and/or members of your community.

2. Throughout the planning and execution of your event, collect artifacts (photos, tweets, links to any media coverage you receive etc.) that will help you tell the story of your event afterwards to those who couldn’t be there.

  • Tip: Choose a hashtag for your event and encourage your participants to tweet and post during the event using that hashtag. Afterwards you’ll be able to search that hashtag and easily find everything they may have shared.

3. Post-event, use the artifacts (storytelling pieces) you have collected to create a Storify that tells the story of your event. Your Storify must include: a title, at least four ‘chapters’ (sections that each open with some explanatory text about the content you’re about to share) and 20 artifacts (photos, tweets, articles, etc.) that combine to tell the story of your event.

Suggested chapters include:

  • Introduction – Why this challenge? What were your hopes for what you wanted to accomplish and why?
  • Planning – What was challenging? What was fun? Did anything surprise you?
  • The Day – Make your readers feel like they were there! What happened? Who was there? What was the mood of the event? Were there any themes in what people felt / experienced?
  • Reflection – What did your team learn from this project? How do you feel having completed it? What are you going to do next? What advice do you have for other youth who might be thinking of trying to plan a similar event?

Helpful tools and resources:


Tweet/Post of link to Storify


Tweet or Instagram about this challenge (include your hashtag, #NY, and #changethestory)

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