New Jersey (#NJ | 14 points)

CHALLENGE TYPE: Candidates; Media


1. Visit Genius to create a free Genius account.

2. Find a transcript of a speech by (or a news article about) a candidate of your choice. Once on that page, add to the very beginning of the web address in your browser and hit enter. This will allow you to highlight text on the page and annotate the speech/story with your comments.

3. Taking the role of editor on behalf of youth in your community, add 14+ comments, questions, or rebuttals you have in response to this story.

  • If you agree with the piece, add comments that use your own support the argument or policy proposals that the speaker/author is promoting.
  • If you question their facts, ask questions about where they got their information and/or supply research that contradicts the points they are making.

4. Once finished, share the link for your annotated page (including the at the beginning). Include a new headline for the piece (that matches the comments you have added) and the hashtag #NJ in your tweet/post.

Note: If you cannot get Genius to work, you can also print the original speech/story, add your annotations by hand, and share a picture of your creation – just be sure it is legible!

Helpful tools and resources:


Link to annotated news story or candidate speech


Tweet or Instagram about this challenge (include your hashtag, #NJ, and #changethestory)

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