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State Name Task Description
Nebraska (#NE | 5 points) Interview 15+ people to ask if they plan to vote in November + why/why not. [Click for more]
Nevada (#NV | 6 points) Tweet at a journalist to share your opinion of their post-debate commentary. [Click for more]
New Hampshire (#NH | 4 points) Share a piece of news media about an issue you care about and add your commentary about what it gets right/wrong. [Click for more]
New Jersey (#NJ | 14 points) Use Genius to annotate a candidate speech or news story with comments, questions and fact checks. [Click for more]
New Mexico (#NM | 5 points) Create a meme of a quote that stands out to you from a candidate in a debate. [Click for more]
New York (#NY | 29 points) Organize an Early Voting event and/or GOTV rally in your school or community. [Click for more]
North Carolina (#NC | 15 points) Design and pitch a communications strategy for a candidate of your choice. [Click for more]
North Dakota (#ND | 3 points) Take a selfie with a local candidate or elected official. [Click for more]
Ohio (#OH | 18 points) Research and create a video that explains which industries/individuals donate the most money to campaigns in your state. [Click for more]
Oklahoma (#OK | 7 points) Have 2+ teammates create and perform Soapbox speeches to tell the next president about the most important issue(s) in your community. [Click for more]
Oregon (#OR | 7 points) Create a Candidate Profile about a candidate running in a lesser-known race near you. [Click for more]
Pennsylvania (#PA | 20 points) Organize a debate watch party (online or in person) with at least 20 participants. [Click for more]