Just for Fun

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State Name Task Description
Washington (#WA | 12 points) Use food & office supplies to create a 30-60 sec stop motion animation ad in support of a candidate or issue of your choice. [Click for more]
Minnesota (#MN | 10 points) Take a selfie with a candidate running for statewide or national office. [Click for more]
Missouri (#MO | 10 points) Create a positive election-themed Halloween costume for your team. [Click for more]
Colorado (#CO | 9 points) Create a video that explains swing states to kindergarteners. [Click for more]
Utah (#UT | 6 points) Create a Buzzfeed post of the top ten questions your team would ask candidates if you got to moderate a debate. [Click for more]
Kansas (#KS | 6 points) Share the work of another team competing in this race and give their work props. [Click for more]
New Mexico (#NM | 5 points) Create a meme of a quote that stands out to you from a candidate in a debate. [Click for more]
Maine (#ME | 4 points) Color in two US maps: 1 to show which states your team plans to tackle in this Race and 1 to predict which candidates Clinton/Trump will win in November. [Click for more]
North Dakota (#ND | 3 points) Take a selfie with a local candidate or elected official. [Click for more]
District of Columbia (#DC | 3 points) Take and share a selfie with a first time voter. [Click for more]
Delaware (#DE | 3 points) Take a leapfrogging or human pyramid picture with a yard sign. [Click for more]
South Dakota (#SD | 3 points) Send 2+ team members to campaign together for a candidate of your choice. [Click for more]
Vermont (#VT | 3 points) Share a video of a teammate answering the question “How would the United States be different if more young people participated in elections?” [Click for more]
Montana (#MT | 3 points) Introduce your team to the Race with a photo, theme song and slogan. [Click for more]
Wyoming (WY | 3 points) Get a candidate or official campaign account to retweet/share something your team has created as part of this Race. [Click for more]