Elections in Action Curriculum

This page provides a list of which Challenges correspond to each lesson in Mikva Challenge’s Elections in Action curriculum.

This means the content of that lesson and/or the resources it includes would be useful to students working on that particular Challenge and/or that said lesson could be fairly easily modified to include assigning completion of the related Challenges.

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The Power of Voting 2 AR, VA
Voter Values 9 ID, LA
Where Do I Stand on the Issues? 12 AK, OK, IL
Current Events 16 NH, NJ
Who Votes? 18 MD
Community Voting Analysis 28 NE
Voter Registration and Turnout 32 AZ, INMD
Candidate Blind Match 39 GAWA
Qualities of a Good Elected Official 42 GAWA
Candidate Profiles 46 GA, KY, MA, OR
Viewing Candidate Debates 51 NM, NV, PA, TN, UT, WV
Elections 411 58 ALWI
Primaries, Caucuses, Conventions, Oh My! 64 AL
Money and Politics 72 OH, MS
Campaign Game 77 CT
Deconstructing Campaign Messages and Perceptions 81 RI, WA, WI
Understanding the Electoral College 87 ME, NC, CO