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State Name Task Description
Texas (#TX | 38 points) Organize a candidate forum in your school or community. [Click for more]
Pennsylvania (#PA | 20 points) Organize a debate watch party (online or in person) with at least 20 participants. [Click for more]
Tennessee (#TN | 11 points) Score candidates’ performance in a debate and then connect with another team to compare/contrast the scores you gave. [Click for more]
Utah (#UT | 6 points) Create a Buzzfeed post of the top ten questions your team would ask candidates if you got to moderate a debate. [Click for more]
Nevada (#NV | 6 points) Tweet at a journalist to share your opinion of their post-debate commentary. [Click for more]
West Virginia (#WV | 5 points) Watch a debate and complete a Candidate Scorecard. [Click for more]
New Mexico (#NM | 5 points) Create a meme of a quote that stands out to you from a candidate in a debate. [Click for more]