Challenges (by state name)

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State Name Challenge Description
Alabama (#AL | 9 points) Find and interview someone who has served as a delegate to a national convention (Democratic or Republican).
Alaska (#AK | 3 points) Tweet at a candidate to let them know about an issue that is important to young people in your community.
Arizona (#AZ | 11 points) Research and create a meme about what it costs to vote in your state.
Arkansas (#AR | 6 points) Rewrite the lyrics to a popular song to tell why this election is important.
California (#CA | 55 points) Plan and host a campaign fair at your school or in your community.
Colorado (#CO | 9 points) Create a video that explains swing states to kindergarteners.
Connecticut (#CT | 7 points) Record an audio PSA that explains the top three issues YOU would tackle if elected president.
District of Columbia (#DC | 3 points) Take and share a selfie with a first time voter.
Delaware (#DE | 3 points) Take a leapfrogging or human pyramid picture with a yard sign.
Florida (#FL | 29 points) Organize a voter registration drive in your school or community.
Georgia (#GA | 16 points) Create a set of candidate profiles for each candidate running in a race of your choice.
Hawai’i (#HI | 4 points) Take a jumping picture in front of a campaign office.
Idaho (#ID | 4 points) Create a Wordle of people’s answers to the question of what issue they most hope candidates will discuss this fall.
Illinois (#IL | 20 points) Organize a Project Soapbox competition in your school or community.
Indiana (#IN | 11 points) Create a piece of art that explains how/when/where you think people SHOULD be able to vote.
Iowa (#IA | 6 points) Have at least one team member sign up to serve as an Election Judge.
Kansas (#KS | 6 points) Share the work of another team competing in this race and give their work props.
Kentucky (#KY | 8 points) Grade the candidates in a race of your choice on 1-3 issues of your choice.
Louisiana (#LA | 8 points) Create a meme that helps a third party candidate get greater exposure.
Maine (#ME | 4 points) Color in two US maps: 1 to show which states your team plans to tackle in this Race and 1 to predict which candidates Clinton/Trump will win in November.
Maryland (#MD | 10 points) Help 15+ people check their voter registration and/or sign up for election reminders from Rock the Vote.
Massachusetts (#MA | 11 points) Create a Buzzfeed post that shares 10+ facts you think everyone should know about the candidate of your choice.
Michigan (#MI | 16 points) Log 20 hours of campaigning (combined as a team) and create a slideshow about your experiences.
Minnesota (#MN | 10 points) Take a selfie with a candidate running for statewide or national office.
Mississippi (#MS | 6 points) Attend an event or rally with a candidate (in person or online).
Missouri (#MO | 10 points) Create a positive election-themed Halloween costume for your team.
Montana (#MT | 3 points) Introduce your team to the Race with a photo, theme song and slogan.
Nebraska (#NE | 5 points) Interview 15+ people to ask if they plan to vote in November + why/why not.
Nevada (#NV | 6 points) Tweet at a journalist to share your opinion of their post-debate commentary.
New Hampshire (#NH | 4 points) Share a piece of news media about an issue you care about and add your commentary about what it gets right/wrong.
New Jersey (#NJ | 14 points) Use Genius to annotate a candidate speech or news story with comments, questions and fact checks.
New Mexico (#NM | 5 points) Create a meme of a quote that stands out to you from a candidate in a debate.
New York (#NY | 29 points) Organize an Early Voting event and/or GOTV rally in your school or community.
North Carolina (#NC | 15 points) Design and pitch a communications strategy for a candidate of your choice.
North Dakota (#ND | 3 points) Take a selfie with a local candidate or elected official.
Ohio (#OH | 18 points) Research and create a video that explains which industries/individuals donate the most money to campaigns in your state.
Oklahoma (#OK | 7 points) Have 2+ teammates create and perform Soapbox speeches to tell the next president about the most important issue(s) in your community.
Oregon (#OR | 7 points) Create a Candidate Profile about a candidate running in a lesser-known race near you.
Pennsylvania (#PA | 20 points) Organize a debate watch party (online or in person) with at least 20 participants.
Rhode Island (#RI | 4 points) Deconstruct a campaign ad to analyze its target audience / persuasive techniques.
South Carolina (#SC | 9 points) Interview a campaign staffer/volunteer and create a Humans of New York style post about them.
South Dakota (#SD | 3 points) Send 2+ team members to campaign together for a candidate of your choice.
Tennessee (#TN | 11 points) Score candidates’ performance in a debate and then connect with another team to compare/contrast the scores you gave.
Texas (#TX | 38 points) Organize a candidate forum in your school or community.
Utah (#UT | 6 points) Create a Buzzfeed post of the top ten questions your team would ask candidates if you got to moderate a debate.
Vermont (#VT | 3 points) Share a video of a teammate answering the question “How would the United States be different if more young people participated in elections?”
Virginia (#VA | 13 points) Create and perform an original piece to convince your peers of why elections matter.
Washington (#WA | 12 points) Use food & office supplies to create a 30-60 sec stop motion animation ad in support of a candidate or issue of your choice.
West Virginia (#WV | 5 points) Watch a debate and complete a Candidate Scorecard.
Wisconsin (#WI | 10 points) Create a voter guide that includes info on how/where/when/why people in your state can register and vote.
Wyoming (WY | 3 points) Get a candidate or official campaign account to retweet/share something your team has created as part of this Race.