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State Name Task Description
California (#CA | 55 points) Plan and host a campaign fair at your school or in your community. [Click for more]
Ohio (#OH | 18 points) Research and create a video that explains which industries/individuals donate the most money to campaigns in your state. [Click for more]
Michigan (#MI | 16 points) Log 20 hours of campaigning (combined as a team) and create a slideshow about your experiences. [Click for more]
North Carolina (#NC | 15 points) Design and pitch a communications strategy for a candidate of your choice. [Click for more]
Minnesota (#MN | 10 points) Take a selfie with a candidate running for statewide or national office. [Click for more]
Colorado (#CO | 9 points) Create a video that explains swing states to kindergarteners. [Click for more]
Alabama (#AL | 9 points) Find and interview someone who has served as a delegate to a national convention (Democratic or Republican). [Click for more]
South Carolina (#SC | 9 points) Interview a campaign staffer/volunteer and create a Humans of New York style post about them. [Click for more]
Arkansas (#AR | 6 points) Rewrite the lyrics to a popular song to tell why this election is important. [Click for more]
Mississippi (#MS | 6 points) Attend an event or rally with a candidate (in person or online). [Click for more]
Hawai’i (#HI | 4 points) Take a jumping picture in front of a campaign office. [Click for more]
Rhode Island (#RI | 4 points) Deconstruct a campaign ad to analyze its target audience / persuasive techniques. [Click for more]
North Dakota (#ND | 3 points) Take a selfie with a local candidate or elected official. [Click for more]
Delaware (#DE | 3 points) Take a leapfrogging or human pyramid picture with a yard sign. [Click for more]
South Dakota (#SD | 3 points) Send 2+ team members to campaign together for a candidate of your choice. [Click for more]
Wyoming (WY | 3 points) Get a candidate or official campaign account to retweet/share something your team has created as part of this Race. [Click for more]