Alabama (#AL | 9 points)



1. Do some research to find the names and contact info for someone from your state who has served as a delegate to a national convention (Democratic or Republican) within in the last 20 years.

2. Then reach out to them to introduce your team and ask if you can interview them (via email, phone, Facetime, social media, etc.). Include at least three questions in your interview that address each area below:

  • who they are and
  • what their experience was like

3. Once your interview is complete, decide the best format to share it (audio, video, Prezi slideshow, series of memes, etc.) and post a link using the hashtag #AL.

  • Don’t forget to tag the interviewee – with their permission – to ensure a wider audience for your creation!

4. Lastly, have each team member comment on the post with their own individual answer to the question: “After having spoken with this delegate, do you think you would ever want to be a delegate to a national convention? Why or why not?”

Helpful tools and resources:


Interview questions/answers (format of your choice)


Tweet or Instagram about this challenge (include your hashtag, #AL, and #changethestory)