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State Name Challenge Description
Alabama (#AL | 9 points) Find and interview someone who has served as a delegate to a national convention (Democratic or Republican). [Click for more]
Alaska (#AK | 3 points) Tweet at a candidate to let them know about an issue that is important to young people in your community. [Click for more]
Arizona (#AZ | 11 points) Research and create a meme about what it costs to vote in your state. [Click for more]
Arkansas (#AR | 6 points) Rewrite the lyrics to a popular song to tell why this election is important. [Click for more]
California (#CA | 55 points) Plan and host a campaign fair at your school or in your community. [Click for more]
Colorado (#CO | 9 points) Create a video that explains swing states to kindergarteners. [Click for more]
Connecticut (#CT | 7 points) Record an audio PSA that explains the top three issues YOU would tackle if elected president. [Click for more]
District of Columbia (#DC | 3 points) Take and share a selfie with a first time voter. [Click for more]
Delaware (#DE | 3 points) Take a leapfrogging or human pyramid picture with a yard sign. [Click for more]
Florida (#FL | 29 points) Organize a voter registration drive in your school or community. [Click for more]
Georgia (#GA | 16 points) Create a set of candidate profiles for each candidate running in a race of your choice. [Click for more]
Hawai’i (#HI | 4 points) Take a jumping picture in front of a campaign office. [Click for more]
Idaho (#ID | 4 points) Create a Wordle of people’s answers to the question of what issue they most hope candidates will discuss this fall. [Click for more]
Illinois (#IL | 20 points) Organize a Project Soapbox competition in your school or community. [Click for more]
Indiana (#IN | 11 points) Create a piece of art that explains how/when/where you think people SHOULD be able to vote. [Click for more]
Iowa (#IA | 6 points) Have at least one team member sign up to serve as an Election Judge. [Click for more]